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Expert assessment in the field of security is a necessary source of up to date information that will help you to improve your security system, increase its efficiency and protection of the company. Even if the staff of your company is a reliable, proven security service, professional look from outside will help to identify weaknesses and correct existing or potential problems.

It is important to perform independent security audit. Only in this case you can get a 100% objective assessment of the situation and to prevent industrial espionage, the selling of counterfeit goods and other illegal activities that can be made on behalf of the company and on its territory.

Entrust security audit of your objects the «Security Center»: Our professionals have extensive experience in the field, and you can be sure of the quality of our work. We will study the situation in your security system, identify all the «pitfalls» and advise you to solve problems.

Security audit of organizations and individuals from «Security Center» includes:

• An independent audit of the existing security systems, including analysis of the technical systems quality and security services;

• The development of the object concept designed to improve security;

• Advice and guidance on all matters relating to corporate and personal security;

• Providing an audit report and actual materials.

Employees of the  «Security Center» have an extensive experience in conducting security audits in enterprises of any complexity and working-out effective solutions to optimize security. Contact us and you will know the truth in the security system of your objects and be able to correct the security work to achieve its maximum quality.