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 One of the main and the most vulnerable aspects in business is cargo security. At present, there are many risks associated with the transportation of goods:  robbery, stealing, fraud, accidents, danger from competitors and other contingencies. Property can be insured, but transportation accidents often result in a serious loss of time, and other unpleasant consequences. To avoid accidents during transportations you should turn to experts in freight security. «Security Center» offers cargo protection services to ensure the safety of your goods, transport and people.


— Cargo escort services using our customers transport;

— Cargo escort using our own transport;

— Armed or unarmed security officers;

— Use of a satellite vehicle tracking system with the ability of emergency service support;

— Security transportation of property, money, and securities.

«Security Center» staff can provides cargo protection for any mode of transport.

In each individual cases, we develop an optimal freight itinerary adjusted for gas stations, the State traffic safety inspectorate posts, secure resting places, medical and services stations.

A customized approach to the development of strategies for cargo transportation with our security escort, ensures timely delivery of goods in flawless condition.

Your cargo, vehicles, and people will be safe throughout the supply chain.

Our security staff members and cash-in-transit guards, meet very strict requirements and undertake regular recertification and various tests. They have permits and licenses for the carrying of firearms, and are equipped with the latest protection and communication appliances. The skill and expertise of our staff, the quality of equipment, teamwork and collaboration allows us to provide the highest level of cargo security services.