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In order for the business to grow and develop it is essential to closely control the company's business activities, security policies and procedures. Identification and prevention of potential risks, and timely resolution of security issues allows to create a working environment for maximum efficiency.

Information and analytical services provided by «Security Center» will help you effectively manage such tasks.

We help companies identify the risks in organization's business processes and develop strategies to track and localize potential threats. 


  • — Legal advisory services focusing on tax, civil, labor, penal and commercial law;
  • — Legal advice and defense in court cases including arbitration
  • — Practical advice on effective countering measures against organized crime.


Utilization of analytical and theme-based search to identify companies that share a mutual business interests with the client.

  • — Identity verification and passport check of individuals — owners of legal entities in Moscow and the Moscow region.  

Informational and analytical assessment of the prospects for the development of the client's business operations in the Security Services sector.

  • — Advice on measures for the effective protection of the client's interests from both internal and external threats, and the improvement of the existing protection systems for individuals and legal entities.


  • — HR assessment of the current situation
  • — Internal loyalty assessment of partners and personnel
  • — Corporate incident investigation.


  • — Assessment of the client's current business environment
  • — Evaluation of the reliability of existing and potential business partners
  • — Independent audit of the company's expenses in business deals
  • — Evaluation of risks associated with new business initiatives
  • — Providing information on specific subjects of interest.

The old saying «Forewarned is forearmed» stays true, as information is crucial to business security. Information, analytical and advisory services provided by the «Security Center» professionals will help you handle any situation in the best way possible and take effective measures in resolving various security issues.