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Security is a vital element of any successfully functioning system. It is especially important in business. The success of an enterprise in many ways depends on the security of its facilities and venues. That's exactly why it becomes crucial to find a professional and reliable supplier of security services. «Security Center» can successfully handle this challenge. «Security Center» provides a wide range of high quality services to legal entities and private persons, including:

  • — Physical and Technical Security Services;

  • — Security Systems Development and Installation;

  • — Customer Service System with a Centralized Call-Center and Rapid Response Service.

We are ready to provide high-quality security services for facilities of any level of complexity, as well as cargo escorting services and bodyguard services.Members of our staff have extensive experience across many areas of business. We provide security services to manufacturing, wholesale and retail customers, warehouse and logistics complexes, hotels, business centers, and banks. Our broad portfolio of services includes security at public and community events, congresses, promotional events, and presentations.

 About «Security Center»

«Security Center» is a team of highly experienced professionals who have worked together since 1996, and is a member of the Interregional Public Organization of Veterans of Special Forces «Rus». «Security Center» manages its operations across several major regions of Russia, including Moscow and the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Ufa and Volgograd.We have built an exceptional reputation by hard and persistent work. The quality of our work is highly appreciated by our clients, and we constantly strive to exceed their expectations. 


  • — Personal and commercial confidentiality;

  • — Customized approach to every customer;

  • — Commitment to constant improvement in every aspect of our work.


Our main objective is to provide high-quality security services and deploy optimized security solutions based on our clients' specific needs.


  • — Assistance in the implementation of strategies to improve our clients' business processes and minimize the risks;

  • — Fighting crime and preventing losses;

  • — Elimination of existing and prevention of potential emergency situations. 

We have a systematic customer-focused approach to security solutions: a stable organizational structure and well-established business processes allow our company to develop and implement effective strategies to meet each customer's individual needs. We are committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of our work, whether it's staff recruitment or training, a problem solving procedure or performance management strategies.This is our competitive advantage that creates significant value for our customers. You can be confident in the safety of facilities and venues entrusted to the care of «Security Center»!