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In today's world, business and personal success is often accompanied by serious dangers. High social and economic status offers many benefits, but also comes with certain risks. It is important not to underestimate such risks. 

However, the instinct of self-preservation must not be allowed to get in the way of your achievements: professional bodyguard services is an effective way to ensure your personal security.

Personal bodyguard is an essential element of a security team of a successful affluent person, a public figure or a businessman. The bodyguard's task is to prevent all possible threats and rapidly respond to potential security risks, effectively protecting a client and their family. 

«Security Center»  offers a full range of professional security services, including everything you need to ensure your personal safety, such as: physical, legal, technical, medical and psychological help. We protect the lives and health of individuals in Russia.


We provide a full range of services to meet your personal safety needs in various situations:

  • — VIP protection services: security escort of the VIPs and corporate executives
  • — For foreign delegations and the VIPs from abroad: security escort, transfers to and from arrival and departure points; executive-class personal protection
  • — Event security services: specially trained bodyguards ensure the security and safety of a client at social events, public speeches, concerts and mass cultural events
  • — Professional chauffeur services and the vehicle security escort

Our guards' primary task is to accompany the client, prevent possible threats, rapidly respond to potential security risks and provide the highest level of protection.


«Security Center» guards are highly skilled employees who meet the highest standards of professional qualification. All members of our staff undertake regular training and certification to ensure the highest level of physical, psychological and moral fitness of each employee.   

Our guards have all required licenses and permits to carry out their professional activities, including licenses for the carrying of firearms. Our employees have strong professional skills: 

  • — close fight skills
  • — the handling of firearms
  • — extreme driving
  • — fieldwork
  • — pre-medical first aid treatment

In addition, our employees posses the skills required for effective work performance, such as:


  • — Careful adherence to ethical norms and values;
  • — Ability to build strong and understanding relationships with clients
  • — Ability to quickly understand the situation and predict the course of events
  • — Ability to make reasonable and common-sense decisions.